Terms and Conditions - A copy will be given and read through so all pupils are aware. Please sign before the next lesson

1 - Your teachdrivers.com instructor is a self employed franchise of teachdrivers.com. Payment for our lessons is to be made directly to your instructor before the start of your lesson by Bank transfer, cheque or cash. Block lesson bookings are to be paid at the start of the new block beginning.

2 - Lessons

You and your instructor are responsile for agreeing all matters relating to the timing, location and duration of individual lessons. It will be on a 1-2-1 basis. If you would like a parent or friend to come along in the lesson, that can be arranged.

3 - Cancellations

If you wish to cancel a lesson, please inform your instructor with a minimum of 24 hours notice. If the notice period is less than 24hours, the instructor may charge you full price for the lesson.

4 - Lesson punctuality

Due to traffic, occasionally the instructorwill be runnning late. A text will be sent to let you know a rough time of arrival. Once arrived the instructor wil text from the car. Please make your way to the car to start your lesson. If the instructorhas no response, they will try contacting again. After 15 minutes the instructor will assume the lesson has been cancelled and will leave.

5 - Communication

Life is busy, hectic and very changeable. If something has come up, please contact your instructor as soon as you can to let them know if plans change.

6 - Insurance

All teachdrivers.com instructors have the appropriate insurance to cover all circumstances that may arise. The pupil is covered so doesn't need to seek their own insurance while driving an instructor's car.

7 - Penalties

Whenever you are driving in the instructor's vehicle, you will be under close supervision. However, teachdrivers.com cannot be held responsible for any infringement of the law. Any fines/points that are incurred will be the responsibility of the driver/learner.

8 - Code of Practice

We will abide by the " Voluntary Code of Practice" which has been agreed betwen the DVSA and the main bodies representing Approved Driving Instructors.